6 Reasons to Consider NaPro Technology instead of IVF

Many couples working through the process of treatment for infertility will eventually find themselves at a fertility clinic being told that their only option is in-vitro-fertilization (IVF). The truth is that there ARE other options to treat infertility. I want to tell you about another option that you may have never heard of, and why you should consider it.

It’s called NaPro Technology.

NaPro Technology is a different way of looking at reproductive health problems, but it is not alternative medicine. NaPro Technology trained physicians try to get to the root cause of the problem and correct it. This starts with detailed tracking of the woman’s menstrual cycles, which provides clues as to good diagnosis and treatment plan. Problems in the cycle can then be corrected and the natural result is that conception often happens naturally. Doctors trained in NaPro Technology are ‘regular’ doctors. They are OB-Gyns or family practice doctors, and often highly skilled surgeons.

So here are a few reasons to consider NaPro Technology instead of IVF:

1. It doesn’t create ethical problems for the couple.

IVF can be morally problematic for couples who see life as beginning at conception. The process of embryo creation in a lab can involve steps that makes some couples uncomfortable. Often embryos are then frozen for later use or they may be destroyed. For those that are pro-life, this may not feel like an ethical option.

2. It’s cheaper. Usually WAY cheaper.

IVF is usually not covered by health insurance. NaPro Technology typically is. Multiple rounds of IVF can cost tens of thousands of dollars. NaPro Technology treatments will be based on your usual costs for health insurance co-pays and deductibles.

3. It’s safer for mom and potential babies.

With NaPro, the goal is to help the woman to have a healthy, normal menstrual cycle, to work WITH her body, and to make it function optimally. With IVF, the first step is usually to begin taking birth control, which overrides her natural fertility and intentionally stops it from working properly. In rare cases, fertility drugs can result in hyper stimulated ovaries, possibly causing the ovaries to rupture. The chance of multiples is higher with IVF, which can result in prematurity and low birth weight. The chance of an ectopic pregnancy is also higher with IVF. Babies born through IVF are at greater risk for health concerns like cardiovascular problems.

4. It can actually help make you healthier.

Your cycle and your reproductive health are a part of your overall health! IVF truly does not make you healthier in any way.

5. It’s less emotionally traumatizing than IVF.

Infertility itself is of course very emotional for couples, but many couples find the process of IVF to be invasive, humiliating, and even traumatic. They may be pursuing IVF but still have no answers as to why they couldn’t conceive. This is a very difficult emotional place to be. Couples using the NaPro Technology approach after IVF will often express that the process was a more healing one, where they felt listened to, like they actually got answers, and like they were being treated like a whole person.

6. It works! Studies show a greater than 50% rate of women delivering healthy babies after NaPro Technology treatments.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we can help you with infertility, please email Shirelle@InfinityFertilityCare.com .

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