Creighton Model Classes

Charting the Fertility Cycle

Women have natural times in the month where they are fertile and infertile. There are many signs that can help a woman and couple to understand times of fertility and infertility, and signs that can help the woman understand her health. The Creighton Model is a way of charting a woman’s fertility cycle.

Why is An Understanding of the Fertile and Infertile Times Helpful?

Understanding the fertile and infertile times is helpful because it can free the couple from needing to use artificial birth control like pills and condoms. This can lead to a healthier woman and a healthier marriage.

Couples struggling with fertility problems may uncover underlying causes of infertility through the charting, and will also be able to target the most fertile time to try to conceive.

Women with cycle problems are often given the birth control pill as their only solution. Through charting, the woman is often able to uncover underlying patterns that indicate certain problems. The chart is a tool that can be shared with trained doctors who can use the chart for better diagnosis and treatment.

First Steps

Your first step to learning this charting method is to take an introductory class. This can be done in person or online. The in person and online class content is the same. Click here to return to our classes page and sign up for a class. 

There is no obligation when taking this class. You are welcome to attend the free class to see if the Creighton Model will be a good fit for you.

After the initial introductory class, the Creighton Model is taught in a series of 8 classes over the course of one year. You are not required to attend all 8, but it is recommended. These classes are taught privately with just the teacher and the woman or couple. Your practitioner will guide you through your first year of charting, correcting and documenting the signs of your cycle, helping you become confident to use the charting for the rest of your reproductive life.