Avoiding Pregnancy with the Creighton Model

Did you know that women are naturally infertile for a majority of the time? We teach couples how to understand the naturally fertile and infertile phases of the woman’s body using a system known as the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. This information can help a couple to plan their family in a natural, healthy way without the need for hormonal birth control, condoms, or devices. It also allows the woman to identify any potential health problems that her cycles may show. Additionally, when the couple is ready to achieve pregnancy, over 70% of healthy couples will achieve pregnancy in the first month of trying.

The Creighton Model has been used, studied, and updated for nearly 4 decades.

How Well Does it Work?

For avoiding pregnancy, the Creighton Model System is 99.5% effective with perfect use. It is 96.4% effective with actual use.

Can any woman use the Creighton Model?

Women in all reproductive situations can use the Creighton Model. This includes: women with regular length cycles, long cycles, breastfeeding, coming off of hormonal contraceptives, pre-menopause, etc.

People who use the Creighton method come from all walks of life. They may have a religious objection to contraceptives. Some couples are concerned about the impact of hormonal contraception on their health and fertility. Choosing health products that are good for the environment may also be important. It’s also great for women who are tired of having to continually switch birth control methods due to side effects.

Comprehensive Sex Education

“In college I held the firm belief that through “comprehensive and accurate sex education” women and men can enjoy sex that is free from concern regarding unplanned pregnancies and disease.  Through open dialogue regarding what turns us on, STD testing and effective birth control the couple can have a happy, exciting sex life.  I taught women how to use condoms, I personally escorted women for STD testing after a spring break trip got a little crazy and I raised money to lower the cost for IUDs for poor women.

The “comprehensive and accurate sex education” that I sought 20 years ago is the Creighton method, not condoms.  My yearning for sex that is free from concern about unplanned pregnancies and disease has not changed.  The way to achieve it has.

Amy W.
Fort Worth, Texas