Natural Family Planning for marriage preparation in the Catholic Church

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

Do you need to sign up for a Natural Family Planning (NFP) Class to meet a marriage requirement in the Catholic Church? We can help!

Many Catholic dioceses around the United States are now requiring engaged couples to complete one or more Natural Family Planning Classes before marriage. Each diocese sets its own requirement for how many classes the couple need to complete. Infinity FertilityCare offers instruction in one method of NFP, The Creighton Model FertilityCare System. If you are unsure what the requirement is for your diocese, you should check with your priest or diocesan office.

The Creighton Model is an approved NFP method all over the United States, and we can help any couple seeking NFP instruction from any location using online learning.

Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas

Infinity FertilityCare is located in the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. Our Catholic Diocese requires all engaged couples to complete 4 total sessions of a Natural Family Planning Class. The couple should choose one method and take 4 classes in that method. 

There are 4 methods that are approved by the diocese. To see a list of methods and instructors, please visit the diocesan website.

Online learning is approved by the diocese, but the classes must be taught by a live, trained instructor and cannot be self-paced. Infinity FertilityCare offers live, online classes.

We have 4 teachers offering both online learning and face-to-face instruction around the diocese. Click here to meet our practitioners. 

If a class that you want to sign up for isn’t showing as available, it is likely full.