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IVF as the standard of care?

A diagnosis of infertility can be devastating for a couple, who are often then told that IVF is their only option.

Since the creation of artificial reproductive technologies, many well-meaning doctors now use IVF as the standard for clients struggling with infertility. With this approach couples may be left with no answers as to the cause of the infertility.

Finding the Root Cause

What if we began to really understand that not being able to conceive indicates that a body system which should be functioning well has an underlying problem? Often conditions such as endometriosis or hormone problems are often overlooked as possible causes.  IVF is often recommended by doctors after only a very basic workup appointment which may have missed the cause of infertility.

Financial Benefits with NaPro Technology

At around $20,000 per attempt, IVF often creates a huge financial burden for couples. Fertility treatments are often not covered by health insurance, and may require taking out loans for treatments that may or may not work. NaPro Technology treatments are typically covered by health insurance at a much higher rate than typical infertility treatments.

Fewer moral problems with NaPro Technology

IVF can also result in the destruction of newly created embryos. The embryos may be “discarded” or frozen. This can create moral or emotional problems for the couple. Further, the couple may conceive with IVF, but the pregnancy is riskier for both the mother and the child. NaPro TECHNOLOGY doctors will seek to find the root causes of infertility. Often, by treating the cause, couples are then able to conceive in the natural way.

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