Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes do I have to take to start charting?

The whole system is 1 intro class + 8 follow up classes taught over the course of one year. You are not required to take all 8 classes, but it is strongly encouraged.

How much do classes cost?

The cost ranges between $60-$70 per class, depending on which package option you select.

My doctor says I have to take this class to get treatment. Why?

If you are working with a NaPro doctor, he/she will usually require you to start charting with the Creighton Model. The chart is used to help diagnose and treat you and time certain medications and treatments. Creighton Model and NaPro Technology are meant to work together to offer treatments that are tailored to your body.

When do I get materials to start charting?

At the end of the introductory session you’ll be given information about supplies.

Can I buy materials without taking classes?

No, you cannot buy materials without taking classes. You are required to be active in follow up classes in order to be given charting supplies. The method is not meant to be self-taught, but requires the help of a teacher to learn and use effectively.

Questions about NFP for Marriage Prep in the Catholic Church

I have to take this class for marriage prep in the Catholic Church. How many classes do I have to take?

The Diocese of Fort Worth requires couples to take 1 intro class + 3 follow up classes. If you live outside of the Fort Worth Diocese and want to take our classes, you should check with your priest or diocese for your specific requirement.

When do we get our NFP Certificate to give to our priest?

At the end of your fourth class, you will be given instructions for how to access your certificate to give to your priest/diocese.

Why are your prices different than the prices quoted on the diocesan website?

The Diocese of Fort Worth offers its own online program with its own pricing structure. Infinity FertilityCare offers an approved method of NFP, but we are not employed by the diocese. For online classes offered by the diocese, see their website. 

Does my fiancé have to attend the class too?

Yes, the Diocese of Fort Worth requires both the man and the woman to attend all of the classes.

My fiancé and I live or work in different locations. Can we still do classes?

Yes! Online classes work best for this situation. You and your fiancé can each log in from your own location and take the class together.

Why isn't class date that my church/the diocese gave me showing up on your class schedule?

If the listed class isn’t showing on the class schedule, it is probably full.

Questions about Online Classes.

How do online classes work?

For online classes, your instructor will use Go To Meeting or Zoom. They are similar to Skype, but do not require a login. Before your class, you will receive a link to join the meeting at the scheduled time.

If we take an online intro class, will all of our other classes also be online?

Yes, all of the classes can be done online.

Can I use my phone to take an online class?

No, it’s best if you do not use a phone for online classes. Some exceptions may be made if there is no other option, but computer or tablet is preferred.

Do you learn the same things in online classes as face-to-face classes?

Yes! The content in online classes is exactly the same as face-to-face classes. All the same teaching materials are used through screen sharing.