Lisa Collard is a FertilityCare Practitioner and has been instructing clients in the Creighton Model System since 2015.

After facing years of health issues, Lisa started seriously pursuing a solution by charting her own cycles while she was in college. Many doctors offered to prescribe birth control to mask the symptoms, but she wanted the symptoms resolved. Aware of the harmful side effects of various birth control options, Lisa was looking for a treatment that would be more holistic and get at the root of the problem. Utilizing the Creighton Model System along with NaPro Technology, Lisa was able to uncover and treat her Endometriosis and PMS.

Since experiencing a truly life changing improvement in her health, Lisa became a Practitioner to share this empowering information with others. She completed the St. Gerard FertilityCare Education Program in May 2017. This graduate level work included over 150 hours of classroom instruction and a 13 month supervised internship.

Lisa received her BA from the University of Dallas in 2011. She has a strong passion for education, having previously taught high school. She is now a wife and mother. She and her husband were born and raised in the DFW area, both graduated from the University of Dallas and love their Catholic faith.  Lisa has a unique perspective and appreciation of the Creighton Model System, having used it to monitor fertility as a single, and then engaged woman. Now in marriage she and her husband use the Creighton Model System to responsibly and generously plan their family.