NaPro Baby R.’s Story

This little sweetie is Baby Girl R. Her mom and dad are pretty private, but they generously agreed to share their story to provide others struggling with infertility hope and encouragement.

I met Baby R.’s mom J. in April of 2019. They are from Texas and worked with me online. After four years of marriage and being open to children, they were seeking treatment for infertility. Sadly, they had suffered one miscarriage and were trying again to conceive. The couple had bounced around to several doctors, trying to find one who could help. She described to me that her periods would come sometimes only every couple of months and they were never regular. She began to chart using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System to help her understand her fertility. She wanted to determine if and when she was ovulating, and to work with a NaPro Technology trained doctor to correct any issues so she could achieve pregnancy naturally.

In June 2019 J. traveled to Houston, Texas to undergo exploratory laparoscopic surgery with Dr. Stephen Hilgers, who is trained in NaPro Technology. Dr. Hilgers confirmed what we suspected-that she had one of the classic signs of poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), very enlarged ovaries. She was scheduled for an ovarian wedge resection surgery in August to correct her PCOS. During this time, Dr. Hilgers worked on correcting other issues she had: namely low progesterone hormone, low vitamin D levels, and anti-fungal medication for an overgrowth of yeast. On July 25, I met with J. to review her Creighton Model charting.

“Your cycle looks pretty good!” I told her. “I think the medication and the progesterone may be helping your fertility even without the surgery! Look how many more days of healthy cervical mucus you had!” 

She begrudgingly said, “Yeah, but my cycle looks long again. My period is delayed.” She sighed. “I’m really not looking forward to this second surgery, but I’m ready to get it over with and get things fixed.”

I hesitated and hedged for a second, because I almost hated to get her hopes up.

“Well, J. I think we need to consider the possibility that your period may be delayed because you might be pregnant. I know you don’t want to take another pregnancy test and have it come back negative. I wouldn’t tell you to take it, but I know you would need to let Dr. Hilgers know right away if you were pregnant, so he could help you avoid another miscarriage. Would you take one for me, just so we can rule out pregnancy as the reason for the long cycle?” She groaned and shook her head a little. I left the appointment unsure if she would take the test. 

Two mornings later a text message came through my phone, “It was positive.”  It was J. I picked up the phone and called her. She was crying so hard I could barely understand her. “It’s positive! I don’t know what to do! What about my surgery? It’s supposed to be in two weeks! I’m so scared! What if I lose it? I don’t know what to do!”

I could hear how upset and scared she was, but I couldn’t help smiling. I wished I could reach through the phone and hug her. I gently said, “J, I don’t think you’ll be having surgery right now. I know it is really surprising that this would happen now before the surgery, but the goal of all of this was to get pregnant. This is a good thing! As soon as you feel calm, will you call Dr. Hilgers and tell him you’re pregnant? He’ll want to monitor your progesterone to help prevent miscarriage.” 

I am thrilled to report that J. and Baby R. are doing wonderfully. Her pregnancy has been uneventful and she’s now in her third trimester. She and her husband are anxiously awaiting the birth of their daughter in April 2020.

“I want people to know we are grateful to God for this miracle,” she said.

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