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Thank you for visiting Infinity Fertility!

First Steps in Learning.

If you have stumbled upon our site, you may be wondering who we are and what we can help you with. You might be here because you’ve heard we can help with family planning, infertility, PCOS, or maybe you were sent here to take a class for your engagement.

Who we are.

Infinity Fertility is a team of educators in fertility health. We teach women and couples like you how to chart their fertility cycle. Charting the fertility cycle is so valuable and empowering. Your cycle is so much more than just your menstrual period. It’s the time from when you start a period, all the way up until you start your next period, and a LOT happens during that time.

What can you learn about your body from charting?

When you chart your cycle, you learn so much about yourself. You learn when you’re naturally fertile and when you’re naturally infertile. You can use this knowledge to avoid pregnancy naturally. You learn how long your cycles truly are and if they are normal and healthy. You uncover important signs of your overall health.

Think about what you’ve learned through tracking other things in the past. Have you ever tracked your food intake? It’s pretty eye opening, isn’t it? Sometimes you realize you didn’t quite know how much or what kinds of foods you really were eating. Sometimes you uncover foods that cause you problems. Cycle tracking is a lot like this. You often will realize that there were many things you didn’t notice before until you started tracking. You also may notice things but not know how to interpret them. This is how we help.

Accessing doctors who understand your chart.

We teach a specific method of charting called the Creighton Model. With this system, we’ll teach you to check for and write down the signs your body is telling you in a very specific, standardized way. This standardization is really unique with our system. It allows multiple people to understand exactly what it is you’re seeing and describing. We can actually measure and quantify your body’s signs. If you are concerned about any health problems that the chart may be showing, you can take your chart to a doctor who has been trained to read it. These doctors have an additional level of training in a medical field known as NaPro Technology (Natural Procreative Technology). Our doctors are experts in understanding women’s cycles, and treating things like cycle problems or infertility in a more holistic way, with the goal of finding and correcting the root cause.

Regardless of the reason that you have sought us out, the first step is to take an introductory class. We encourage you to check out your different options for taking an intro class.

Not quite ready to sign up? Still have questions? Schedule a free 15 minute consult call with one of our teachers.