This week's grocery pick up-I hit the toilet paper jackpot!

The answer to the condom shortage: fertility charting

Are you reading the news as much as I am these days? I know I shouldn’t. I should put down my phone and go knit a sweater, bake some quarantine bread, or do some yoga on-demand, but the news is changing so fast every day, and things are just……..weird. I’m worried about weird things that I’ve never thought about before.

This is especially true when it comes to being able to buy the stuff we normally buy. I’ve never had to think before: “Where can I get toilet paper?” “Will the store have milk today?” “Who the heck is buying up all the beans and pasta?” Last week, instead of my Charmin, I got apple scented toilet paper from Mexico subbed into my grocery order. And I had to order some essential grocery items from a local restaurant. Today I found a random container of Lysol wipes under a bathroom sink and I was so excited I had to find my husband and tell him. I think it was the highlight of the day.

Times are weird.

I’ve definitely had to be much more flexible and more resourceful during these unusual times.

If the store doesn’t have milk, we can do without it for a while, we could use paper towels or cloth in place of toilet paper if we had to (I’m also hearing that bidets may become the new bathroom accessory!), and I can make rice instead of pasta.

One thing I haven’t had to worry about is how to manage my family planning during this time.

Nothing has changed for us at all. This is not the case for many women and couples. Business Insider recently posted an article about a shortage of 100 million condoms, terming it a “global health crisis.” Planned Parenthood has written lengthy articles about how to get your birth control during the pandemic.

There’s also the opposite problem happening. I currently have a new client who has a Mirena IUD in. She hates it and wants it out. But for the time being, she’s out of luck. She’s stuck with this medical device inside of her that she no longer wants. She’s totally reliant on a doctor to remove it from her uterus.

Is it possible that our dependence on a steady supply of sheaths of latex and pharmaceuticals produced half a globe away has contributed to ignorance about the way fertility actually works? 

The great irony here is that we have NEVER BEFORE in human history understood the phases of fertility and infertility like we do today. Women are naturally NOT fertile a majority of the time!

The signs of when you are fertile and infertile are there for the taking. You don’t have to go to the store to buy them or worry about scarcity. Every single thing you need to understand when you are ALREADY infertile, is built right into your body. All you have to do is learn it. You can be at home, doing your “normal” social distancing thing, and determine if today is a fertile day or not. And then you can plan your sex life around that.

There are numerous fertility tracking methods that are based on high quality scientific evidence that you can choose from. Pro tip: The App Store is not always the best place to find them.

The freedom that comes with this is amazing. For years the narrative has been that the pill, the patch, the IUD, condoms, etc. etc. would free us from the burden of always having to worry about unplanned pregnancy. But what actually happened is that women and couples became tethered to the supply chain, with its devices and pharmaceuticals and became ignorant about how their bodies worked.

Here’s the real freedom: You don’t need a condom to avoid pregnancy. You need to learn about your own body.

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