What if Condoms are a Waste of Money?

It’s not uncommon for health conscious women to choose condoms as their form of family planning. You may be thinking, “What options are there for family planning besides copper wires, hormones, and barriers?” If you’re not comfortable putting hormones in your body day after day, or don’t want to have a foreign object implanted in your uterus, condoms might seem like the only “natural” option for family planning.

Does anyone really like using condoms?

But I don’t honestly know a lot of couples that actually LIKE using condoms. I’ve never heard a man say, “Sex with a condom feels so much better than regular sex!” It’s the rare man and woman who claim that condoms help them to have more enjoyable sex. Sex au naturale is not only more enjoyable, but also a better opportunity to emotionally bond with your spouse without a piece of latex (or $3 worth of organic lambskin) between you. For some couples, condoms are just sort of seen as this necessary evil because….family planning, and responsibility, and all that, and what other option do we have?

Here is something the condom makers don’t want you to think about.

Condoms are totally wasted on infertile days.

You are only fertile for a portion of each month. Once ovulation has passed, it is impossible for a woman to get pregnant until her new cycle begins with her next period. There are also usually days early on in the cycle, typically just after the menstrual period, where it is highly unlikely that a woman can get pregnancy. So, basically, if you’re using condoms during those times, not only are you having less awesome sex, but you’re also wasting your money, because you couldn’t get pregnant anyway.

As always, knowledge is power! In this case, the power to not only have more fulfilling, unifying, and satisfying sex, but to save some money in the process.

The secret to figuring it out goes by several names: fertility awareness methods, natural methods, natural family planning, or NFP. And the awesome thing is that there are lots of scientifically based, well studied methods to choose from! These methods work BETTER than condoms for avoiding pregnancy AND can also help you to achieve pregnancy when you’re ready.

The method I prefer and teach is known as The Creighton Model FertilityCare System. The Creighton Model is a well studied method with highly qualified teachers (like me!) who go through a 13 month long process in order to learn to teach the method. It can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy in any situation: regular cycles, long cycles, breastfeeding, pre-menopause, etc. What is also different about the Creighton Model is that a woman can take her Creighton Model chart to a doctor trained in NaPro TECHNOLOGY who can use her chart to diagnose and treat gynecological health issues. A woman’s chart is very revealing about underlying issues which might be going on.

Condoms aren’t that effective

Condoms are 98% effective at avoiding pregnancy when used perfectly every time, but the use effectiveness when factoring in human error, is 84% effective. I don’t know about you, but a 16% pregnancy rate is out of my comfort zone if I’m wanting to avoid pregnancy.

The Creighton Model is 99.5% effective for avoiding pregnancy with perfect use, and 96.8% effective when factoring in human error.

Creighton Model is more effective than Condoms for avoiding pregnancy

The Creighton Model is 98% effective for healthy couples to achieve pregnancy within six cycles. Condoms are 0% effective at achieving pregnancy…….sorry, I couldn’t resist.

If you would like to learn how to ditch condoms, contact me to learn how to understand and work with your fertility with the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. I would love to teach you this highly effective, truly healthy and organic method of family planning.

We would love to chat with you! Email Shirelle@InfinityFertilityCare.com

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